Driver Requirements
The following categories are always required for all drivers to remain employed by First Class Travel Waco.

Zero Tolerance Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Policy:

At no time on or off duty shall any driver of First Class Travel Waco’s vehicles use any legal or illegal drugs that would impede the operation of a motor vehicle.  Drivers will be required to report all medications to management 72 hours after the date of employment and when prescribed by a doctor.


Alcohol consumption is prohibited for all drivers of First Class Travel Waco at all times .   

Tobacco products including but not limited to cigarettes, cigars, e-cigarettes and smokeless tobacco are prohibited on the First Class Travel vehicles.  All drivers of First Class Travel Waco are prohibited from using Tobacco products before, during or after their shift or while wearing the First Class Travel uniform.


Zero tolerance: Random drug and alcohol tests will be administered, and a positive test will result in immediate termination.  

Licensing and Age Requirements:
Each driver and driver applicant must have a current, valid drivers license issued by the state of Texas.


Each driver and driver applicant must maintain a clean driving record and will be subject to random motor vehicle record audits.
Any moving violations on or off duty must be reported to First Class Travel management immediately for review.


All drivers and driver applicants must be at least 25 years of age.  Additional proof of age and ability to work in the United States may be required for all drivers and driver applicants.

First Class Travel maintains Automotive and General liability insurance for use of its vehicles and drivers.  All drivers must be associated and in good standing with the automotive policy of First Class Travel Waco before driving the vehicles.
All drivers and driver applicants must provide a valid proof of insurance to First Class Travel Waco management as a part of the interview process, upon employment and upon each renewal date.

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