Who We Are:

Waco's First Affordable Luxury Travel  

Private Jet Amenities for a Fraction of the Cost

Why We're Here:

I love living in Waco!  The slower pace and community feel can't be beat.  I also travel a lot for work and play.  Every time I make the stressful drive from Waco to DFW or get left behind in Dallas on yet another cancelled flight home, I think "THERE HAS TO BE A BETTER WAY."  This is how First Class Travel was born.  You can have the comfort, convenience and productivity of a private limo bus for a fraction of the cost and get to meet a lot of great people along the way.  

What We Do:

Daily Trips between Waco and the Dallas Airports.  First Class seating and service for an economy price.

Charter our luxury transportation for your entire group and you choose the destination.

Why Go First Class?

These are just a few reasons to ride with us for your next trip:

Comfortable and Productive

Our all leather captain's chairs will make you feel like you are riding in a private jet.  You can recline and watch the on-board TV while you sip a complimentary drink and have a snack.

You can also turn your airport commute into valuable working hours with our on-board WiFi and power outlets for each seat.  

Stop fighting the traffic and trying to avoid the temptation to text and drive.   You do the texting, leave the driving to us!


We are not subject to the same rules as the airlines.  We don't delay for weather or cancel trips just because not enough people book.

There have been so many times that I traveled all day in hopes of making it home to sleep in my own bed only to find that my final leg to Waco was cancelled.  The best they offer is a voucher for a cut rate hotel and a stale sandwich.  My only other option is to rent a car and make the weary trek home hours late and exhausted.



We can pick you up at your door and have you to your terminal in the same total travel time as flying.


Think About It: 

If you fly from Waco you have to...

  • Drive to the airport

  • Get there at least an hour early

  • Wait for security 

  • Board like cattle

  • Wait for weather

  • Transfer terminals 

  • Wait for the next flight

All of this takes at least 2 hours



We pride ourselves on bringing luxury and quality to Waco without the associated cost of a private car or limo service.  Our prices are competitive with other local shuttle services and much less per seat than a flight from Waco to DFW.  


If you drive your own vehicle and brave the I-35 madness, you still have to pay for fuel and the crazy prices to park at the airport.  It could cost as much as $200 for a 5 day trip and if you are going for an extended amount of time, you might as well take out a loan!

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